Giphy: What is it and How I Use it

Giphy is this amazing gif creating app. You can forgo PhotoShop in lieu of Giphy to create unique GIFs. I’ll show you how I use it specifically for my brand. I recently discovered Giphy and made my first gif. While PhotoShop is good for making gifs it is a bit time-consuming and slows down my computer (specifically video), and until I can quickly and efficiently use PhotoShop to create GIF’s I’ll be using Giphy. This app came out a few years ago, but I’ve been really trying to utilize it lately for social media in order to enhance my brand. If you have PhotoShop you’ll find it slows down your computer Giphy helps you avoid that problem.





What is Giphy?

Giphy is considered to be a search engine specifically for GIFs. It was created in 2013 by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke. As GIFS have  become popular in the past few years, so has GIPHY, and it is now one of the main sources for Twitter GIF’s.

How to use it?

It works like any other type of search engine. You type a subject into the search bar and it will give you GIF relating to that subject. You can create a GIF up to 7 seconds.

gif categories and search engine bar

The dashboard where your settings are located which includes ‘password,’ ‘favorites,’ ‘How to use Giphy,’ and your channel. You can easily adjust your password in your settings. Your channel is where your saved GIFS are stored.

Turquoise Dashboard


You can login to the site, you can either login with your facebook or email, and save all your gif’s in your channel.  You can choose to keep it private or share it with everyone. When you share you’re allowing Giphy to display it on their site and if you tag it, people will be allowed to use it.

Chennel privacy settings image


Once you’ve finalized your GIF you can then easily share it to any social media site. I tend to share it most often on Twitter and Facebook.

Giphy share buttons

How do I use it?

Right now I’m just creating short videos using QuickTime Player on my Mac, and uploading and If I need to shorten a little, I’ll upload it and clip it in iMovie. For my first GIF, I decided to use to show how to use the pixelation feature in PhotoShop. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show how to create pixelation while simultaneously conveying my feelings toward the cretinous Donald Drumpf. I thought this was an apt use of the blur tool.



One thing I really don’t like about this is that it retains the copyright of your gifs. You can see the full terms and agreement right here.


Overall, I have to say Giphy is one of the most convenient, easiest, and useful GIF creating websites on the web. You can easily upload, tag and share your GIF’s. It’s incredibly easy to upload it and add it to the site, and share it to all the major Social Media site buttons are located in one section in your channel. So it makes it easy to share to some of my favorite SM sites on facebook and Twitter. So for the time being, I’m going to keep using this unless I need something really customized that can only be done in PhotoShop, otherwise this will definitely be my go-to GIF creator.

I hope you found this post really helpful interesting or useful. If you’re using Giphy share if you like or dislike it. And if you’re just finding out about it, will you start using it? Let me know in the comments below.

Best Regards, Erica