Is Your Website Responsive?

Do you need to see if your website is responsive? Well, now you can do it with an easy, quick, and convenient website.



I just discovered this website where you can find out if your website is responsive. This app just gives you a quick snapshot of how your website looks on different screen sizes. The programmers advise, in order to truly test if your website is responsive, that you should still check on all devices. I was so excited to find this website; yes- there are apps out there, and I’ve used most in the past. However-  I think, moving forward, I will be using those, and this one also.


So what is different about this?


You just type in your url address. It’s as simple as typing in the url address of the site your working on. There are similar sites, but this one is open source so you can update it on Github. The concept is obviously not original however in other apps you have to either download or wait for it load. It’s convenient, appealing and easy to use.
You can see what your websites looks like on multiple devices. One feature that I particularly liked was the links inside the demonstration is active! If you click an outgoing link in the page it will open up in a new tab in your browser.


This is just an overall great app, I know I’ll be using it often, when I’m working on a new website.


You can learn about the framework and the making of the website here.


Thanks to for introducing me to this website.