Olivia Wilde Fan Art

I created this literally in 15 mins. I remember that was a particularly creatively unproductive day, I hadn’t created anything and right before I went to bed I decided to try one last time to create something that I would be proud of and I did. Why did I choose Olivia Wilde? I’m a fan of hers, and I will always know her as “Thirteen.” She is very beautiful, and it’s very easy to draw inspiration from her beauty. This is not a tutorial this is just an overview of how I created this design in Photoshop.
I started with an image of Olivia Wilde. I went to levels, lowered the saturation, and added some noise just for a bit of extra texture. I created a new layer, added an image and lowered the opacity. I really liked the effect it created with the second image with an intricate abstract design. I then created another layer, I used a layer mask to create a watercolor paint effect. I used a free paint splatter brush that I found on Deviant Art that I got from here. I used a few different ones. Then I opened the type tool and spelled out her name, first ‘Olivia’ in this Vermin Vibes 2 White, entirely in black. Then ‘Wilde’ with the same font and color, and I lowered the opacity to 10%.