School Project: Halftone Effect Design

I created this during my second semester of college, when I was taking a class on Photoshop. So I was just getting a feel of Photoshop. This is a Christina Aguilera/Avril Lavigne inspired design. It’s suppose to be an inspiring design with a grunge feel to it. I was really into the halftone and grunge look at the time so I wanted to create a design that reflected that feeling.
The halftone is achieved by copying and pasting any type of graphics  such as, in this case, dots of different shades and colors, also known as a reprographic technique. Which creates a gradient effect.
I used the half-tone effect and played with the screen filters.I believe I used a halftone brush because at the time I didn’t know how to create the halftone effect, which can easily be created in Photoshop or Illustrator.  I also used the custom shape tool to create the starburst in the background, and I used an old paper texture to create the overall grudge look. As for the words, I used a lyric from one of Christina Aguilera’s songs. Her quote says ‘Ima keep on singing my song.’ However I said ‘Ima keep on playing my song,’ for pretty obvious reasons. The font that I’m using is called ImpactLabel.  I got this font from It was created by Tension Type, he is an artist named Michael Tension, based in Canada. I know I could have cleaned it up a bit, but I still like the overall look of this design.
girl with guitar

Whether your in school now or have already completed school; I would love to see some of your work that you feel proud to display. Let me know in the comments, if there is something that you are currently working on?

Thanks to Michael Tension for the font.