Aspiring Web Developers Must Do This Now


If there is one thing you must do as an aspiring web developer, it is to sign up for Skill crush right now!


Skillcrush is one of the best ways to learn about coding and freelancing website design. It was created by talented female developers. They offer courses, support and mentoring. Yes they have mentors who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to give you one on one time and advice.

 It is without a doubt pivotal to your success as a freelance web developer. They’ll update you with jobs that are currently hiring. They have a blogYouTube page or you can just follow them on Twitter or Facebook. If you start right now you could be on your way to earning a promising career in a lucrative business, which opens you open to an entirely new and innovative field. 




It’s a brilliant course to enhance your skills in the Web Development field. They give you advice from coding to selling your services and how to go about selling your services. It’s a community that will get you through the initial trench and push to excel in this field. They have courses and challenges, they have forums and podcasts.


It was created by a woman named Adda Birnir. She is CEO and founder of Skillcrush. She saw a boom, she saw a need, an audience that wasn’t be tended to, and filled this need. I love reading about how she got started coding, and how she came to develop this amazing network or community of women. If you have a few minutes you should check it out, and it was very much-needed some could argue that there are many similar communities just like this, but really, there isn’t because this is catered towards women and is solely for women and this is exactly what, ambitious, goal-oriented women like us need. If you’re starting from the very bottom and want to make your way into this field, this is one of the best ways you’re going to find that camaraderie and support and learn the technical skills to succeed.


Who is the target audience?

They are geared towards women but really they invite anyone to sign up. I haven’t paid for any courses but I most certainly plan to in the future. I haven’t had to,  And I know every cent would be worth it. You can read the reviews of people who have successfully attained careers solely from the advice training and support they’ve received from this program. It’s really an amazing resource for learning new invaluable skills applicable to a variety of jobs.


What courses does it offer?

When you first sign-up they offer a 10-day-bootcamp course. Which I took and it was extremely helpful in helping you get used to the fundamentals of the building blocks of a basic website. They take you from the concept to a functional webpage. They offer courses in different frameworks like knock-out, Angular.js, and  basic coding such as Html5 and Css3.


How can you join?


Once you’re on their website there’s a sign up box. Skillcrush will provide you with a 10-day Bootstrap course. and you’re on your way to a lucrative career. If nothing else go to skill crush to get a feel of basic coding and get in touch with this amazing community of women, but if you’re really serious about getting into the Web Development field, then do your self a favor and sign up with skill crush. This is worth the time and investment, and is a great place to start.

You can follow Skillcrush and Adda Birnir on Twitter.