Stop-Motion Animation Video | Overview

Last week I created this stop-motion i movie video, It’s a quick 1 minute video. This is only my second project I’ve ever done in iMovie. I would like to get more into video editing and animation. I also want my nephews to be more computer literate and start creating their own computer (preferably Mac) projects and I want them to want to be technically savvy. My nephews are really mostly into watching wrestling and those video game commentary videos. But I would like them to want to create the games or cartoons they watch, instead of watching other peoples work.
So with this project I had them come up with a scene and an activity. So one decided they would be on a seesaw and my youngest nephew wanted it to take place in the Himalayas, I don’t know why but that’s what he wanted so I did it.
I created this video in iMovie, I know, as opposed to Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, or After Effects. iMovie is probably the last thing I should be using but this is all I have on my computer right now and I want my nephews to create their own videos so for now this is a great software for complete beginners. They are only 7 years old by the way. Anyway I created the scene in Photoshop. I’m really liking the low-poly look, so as you can see I used the I heart triangle app to create the cloud and mountain top. I created two images, one when the seesaw is up and the one when the seesaw is down, then I copied those two images on my desktop, renamed it, and transferred it several times into iMovie.