My Top 10 Favorite Posts…So Far

This is a list of my top 10 favorite posts That I’ve published in the past six months, in descending order.

10. What is Alfred and How I Use It – Alfred is a tool that I’ve been using for a few months now, and I find it incredibly helpful, so much in fact that I use it everyday.

9. Flat Letter Design Tutorial – I liked this post because this was my first tutorial, and it won’t be my last!

8. Made with code – I was so excited to share this with you because I often love the way people are using code. Coding is literally transforming the way we do things and none of it would be possible without learning to code and Made with code especially focuses on women, which of course I applaud their efforts for shining the light on women developers.

7. Olivia Wilde Fan Art – Olivia Wilde was an easy inspiration for this minimalistic black and white design.

6. This is my Stop-Motion Animation | Overview – This was my first stop-motion animation and It took a while to create this animation but I enjoyed the result. I look forward to doing more creative stop-motions in the future, so look out for them!

5. Low-Poly Art Techniques – I did a comparison of different PolyGraphic Techniques – I had a lot of fun doing this one because I always enjoy things that I can compare techniques or mediums.

4. Personal Project A Resource For Change | Overview – I’ve been designing and re-designing this site for at least a year and I finally built a beautifully, fun an professional website and this is what it looks like today.

3.  Graphic Designer Karen Kavett – In this post, I wrote about a very popular Graphic Designer named Karen Kavett. She is a talented Graphic Designer among other things and a thrill to watch.

2. 10 Things you didn’t Know About Me – This is a revealing look at things about me, things that I genuinely enjoy, or activities that I’ve been involved with in my life.


1.  Blogging for books – Blogging for books is a really great program that I’ve recently discovered thanks to I’m now involved with it and it’s amazing!

Let me know which one was your favorite or if you made a similar list. I’d love to see it!