Easily upgrade to the latest version of PHP in WordPress’ C-Panel

So, recently I set up this account for a client on WordPress and tried to upload it to the server, but it would show an error message something to this effect: “wp-content/themes/ta-music/inc/breadcrumb.php on line 145”


I contacted Hostgator support, but they weren’t able to help. So, I went to contact the creators of this theme and they also weren’t able to help me without purchasing a product, but one other person had this problem, and luckily for me, posted it just a few days prior on their website. The solution was to upgrade to the current version of PHP which at this time is 5.5, which is what I- at least tried to do. 


It took me- I probably shouldn’t admit this, but it took me at least, a half hour to figure out how to upgrade, so to spare you all of this wasted time I’ll just tell you how to upgrade from PHP 5.4, or whatever version you have installed, to the current version, which is PHP 5.5:


First login to your C-Panel.


Scroll down to: Advanced
c panel advanced section


Click on Php Configuration:
Pink Pointing to PHP configuration
This is where you will end up:


C-panel version
It will give you a selection of versions, and you can revert back to a previous version, if you want for whatever reason and click on the latest version of Php.


PHP version change in C-panel
And this is the confirmation:
Confirmation of PHP version


So, there you have it easily upgrade to the latest version of PHP in WordPress’ C-panel.


Note: I’m still learning WordPress, so if you want to know more about WordPress, I’d refer you to Mike Wisowski from frugalwebguy.com. He has 10 years experience with WordPress and can help you with any WordPress problems you may face.


 Best Regards, Erica
  • Thanks for the info! It’s always helpful to read up on how to work on my website. You offer some really good insight into how to do this.

  • I am new to exporting WP to self hosting site… It will take me way longer than half an hour to figure out. lol

  • erica

    You’re welcome! Glad you found it helpful. Thank you!